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Boddington Western Australia


Boddington is a town and shire in the Peel region of Western Australia. Located a mere 123kms south of Perth metropolitan area, 100kms east from Mandurah on the coast and 81kms west of Narrogin. Boddington is a great place to be. It's a rural township with a strong community base, with a diverse range of community groups.


The town owns its name to an early settler, Henry Boddington, who was a shepherd in the 1860s and leased land in the area in 1875, later moving to Wagin. His name became associated with a pool in the Hotham River at which he frequently camped with his sheep.


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What's on in Boddington?


There is always something happening in Boddington. Whether it’s the famous Boddington Rodeo, the exciting MRF Tyres Boddington Car Rally, or one of our many local open days or festivals, you will always find plenty to make your trip worthwhile.

If you’re not into adventure sports or bush walking, perhaps you might like to visit during the Bush Flower Season, or just come and stay in a cosy bed and breakfast and hibernate next to a log fire for the winter.

So come on, check out what is happening throughout the year on the Boddington Events Calendar.






May232018Mental Health WorkshopWed 23rd May, 7 - 8.30pm
May232018Netball Wed 23rd May, 7 - 8.30pm
May262018Boddington Medieval Fayre and FeastSat 26th May, 11am - 11.30pm
May272018Boddington Football Club Home Game Sun 27th May, 9.45am - 5pm
May282018Community Morning TeaMon 28th May, 9.30 - 10.30am
May282018Be Connected Computer ClassesMon 28th May, 10 - 11am
May282018Social Sewing SensationsMon 28th May, 10am - 12.30pm
May292018Internet Safety WorkshopTue 29th May, 9.30 - 11.30am
May292018Multi Cultural GroupTue 29th May, 10am - 12pm
May292018Kids ArtTue 29th May, 3.30 - 4.45pm
May302018Wednesdays Ex SessionWed 30th May, 8.45 - 11am
May302018PilatesWed 30th May, 9 - 10am
May302018GolfWed 30th May, 10am - 3.30pm
May302018Netball Wed 30th May, 7 - 8.30pm
Jun032018MRF Tyres Boddington SafariSun 3rd Jun, 8am - 6pm
Jun032018Boddington Football Club Home GameSun 3rd Jun, 9.45am - 5pm
Jun042018Community Morning TeaMon 4th Jun, 9.30 - 10.30am
Jun042018Be Connected Computer ClassesMon 4th Jun, 10 - 11am
Jun042018Social Sewing SensationsMon 4th Jun, 10am - 12.30pm
Jun052018Multi Cultural GroupTue 5th Jun, 10am - 12pm
Jun052018Kids ArtTue 5th Jun, 3.30 - 4.45pm
Jun062018PilatesWed 6th Jun, 9 - 10am
Jun062018GolfWed 6th Jun, 10am - 3.30pm
Jun062018Netball Wed 6th Jun, 7 - 8.30pm
Jun112018Community Morning TeaMon 11th Jun, 9.30 - 10.30am
Jun112018Be Connected Computer ClassesMon 11th Jun, 10 - 11am
Jun112018Social Sewing SensationsMon 11th Jun, 10am - 12.30pm
Jun122018Multi Cultural GroupTue 12th Jun, 10am - 12pm
Jun122018Kids ArtTue 12th Jun, 3.30 - 4.45pm
Jun132018PilatesWed 13th Jun, 9 - 10am
Jun132018GolfWed 13th Jun, 10am - 3.30pm
Jun132018Netball Wed 13th Jun, 7 - 8.30pm
Jun182018Community Morning TeaMon 18th Jun, 9.30 - 10.30am
Jun182018Be Connected Computer ClassesMon 18th Jun, 10 - 11am
Jun182018Social Sewing SensationsMon 18th Jun, 10am - 12.30pm
Jun192018Multi Cultural GroupTue 19th Jun, 10am - 12pm
Jun192018Kids ArtTue 19th Jun, 3.30 - 4.45pm
Jun202018PilatesWed 20th Jun, 9 - 10am
Jun202018GolfWed 20th Jun, 10am - 3.30pm
Jun202018Netball Wed 20th Jun, 7 - 8.30pm
Jun252018Community Morning TeaMon 25th Jun, 9.30 - 10.30am
Jun252018Be Connected Computer ClassesMon 25th Jun, 10 - 11am
Jun252018Social Sewing SensationsMon 25th Jun, 10am - 12.30pm
Jun262018Multi Cultural GroupTue 26th Jun, 10am - 12pm
Jun262018Kids ArtTue 26th Jun, 3.30 - 4.45pm
Jun272018PilatesWed 27th Jun, 9 - 10am
Jun272018GolfWed 27th Jun, 10am - 3.30pm
Jun272018Netball Wed 27th Jun, 7 - 8.30pm
Jun302018Boddington Football Club Home GameSat 30th Jun, 9.45am - 5pm
Jul222018Boddington Football Club Home GameSun 22nd Jul, 9.45am - 5pm
Aug112018Boddington Football Club Home GameSat 11th Aug, 9.45am - 5pm
Nov032018Boddington Lions RodeoSat 3rd Nov, 9am - 7.30pm
Nov032018Boddington Ute MusterSat 3rd Nov, 9am - 11.45pm
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