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Things to do in Boddington

If you are new to Boddington or just planning a visit, there are many fun and interesting things you can do to make your time as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. The following list has been compiled by our locals as a general guide for planning your time with us. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but hopefully you will find it a good starting point.


We look forward to meeting with you when you come and we do hope you enjoy your stay in Boddington!


  1. Take a Walk along the Hotham River Foreshore, starts at the Lions Weir.
  2. Enjoy Fishing or a canoe ride or wet your toes along the river's edge.
  3. Take a lovely walk trail to the historical Ranford Pool, quite popular as a local children's swimming hole.
  4. Try the walk trail link to Tullis Bridge, through open paddock and timber reserves.
  5. Experience the Sunday Market filled with all sort of local Produce on the first Sunday morning of the month.
  6. Visit the Historic St. Albans Church and view the Jarrah flooring, timber and tin roof and old kerosene lamps (now wired) hanging from the roof trusses.
  7. Enjoy Bird Watching (a guide book is available at the visitor centre).
  8. Visit the Dilyan's Grave.
  9. Visit the diverse range of local handcrafted arts and crafts at the Boddington Arts and Crafts Centre Shoppe or even participate in one of their programs.
  10. Play golf at the Boddington 18 hole with sand green Course. (donations Box at T1).
  11. Visit the Community Club for a Friday night dinner out.
  12. Enjoy a game of Tennis.
  13. Visit the Local Swimming Pool. (on Pollard St).
  14. Do Trekking  in Bibbulum Track through the shire with long gully bridge.
  15. Enjoy the array of Parks and Reserves for your enjoyment.
  16. Visit the Wildflowers during spring.
  17. Rivers of Boddington
  18. If it's November, find out what's going on for the Friday Night Festival.
  19. Visit the Wineries - Tanglefoot, Wandering Brook & Hotham Ridge at Wandering.
  20. Try the Sculptures Walk Trail at the Boddington Community Resource Centre.
  21. Enjoy Mt.Saddleback, site of the Boddington bauxite mine.
  22. Enjoy Mt. Wells, immediately north of the Boddington Gold Mine.
  23. Browse the Op Shop for a bargain.
  24. Discover a place of character and enjoy lunch at Ye Old Quindanning lnne for a genuine pub atmosphere .
  25. Visit the Boddington Old School.
  26. Meet Real Cowboy's at Boddington Rodeo Event.
  27. Take a bus tour of Newmont Gold Mine
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